Welcome to International Network belencribs.org

The International Network Belencribs focuses on the practise of nativity scenes and especially on:

  • The promotion of the Crib tradition, and the artistic, cultural and religious tourism.
  • The promotion of the values of Christian humanism and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The support of personal and professional development by preparing and organizing events, conferences, courses, workshops and trainings.
  • The progress of cultural diversity with a tolerant and global perspective.
  • The promotion of new technologies for the outreach of the Crib tradition.
  • The enhancement of international cooperation actions dealing with innovation, trade, gastronomy, tourism, and the development of all the cultural, artistic and musical aspects.

This International Network Belencribs reaches the whole Spanish territory and seeks to spread across other countries around the world to cooperate and support other public or private institution or associations.